It started with you

We like to make it personal

We created this platform for it to be a one stop website for everything gush mint and gush mint strain. n 2008 our website was completely renewed, and in 2009 the Gush Mints came to light as a platform to spread information on cannabis and its cultivation, especially through the Growing Guide.

With regard to fairs and trade shows, we have participated in some of the most important events of the Spanish territory, like Spannabis or Expogrow. At international level, in 2009 we went to the High Times Cannabis Cup, in Amsterdam, to know more about how things are done outside Spain. We have also participated in events in LyonLondonPraga and Canada.


Crafted by hand

The Gush Mints weed has a deep purple color and grassy nose. The flowers are chunky and dense. Interestingly, the tops grow in a spear-like shape. Experts distinguish abundant tops, so they recommend stretch-regulation. Also, this strain has the fastest veg cycle. It is also essential to know that this cannabis does well in cooler weather. Growers advise using hydroponics.


Passionate for real

The maximum yields indoor 1 – 2 Oz/Ft? (~ 400 g/m?), and outdoor is 15 – 20 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant). The maximum flowering time of the plants is 61 days, and the minimum flowering time is 52 days. The harvest is obtained in 61 days, so the flowering time is 9 – 10 weeks. You will want to keep it in your rotation


We promote integrity

The mouthwatering flavor is not the only benefit of this cannabis. You’ll feel euphoric and totally happy. The main effect is that happiness may permeate your body from head to toe. Gush Mints makes your brain think in a positive way, so it helps to treat depression. This type of marijuana is relaxing both mentally and physically. You may feel sleepy and tingly.